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Finocchiaro Consulting exists to help customers in their digital transformations leveraging PLM technologies. Whether you are migrating from an older, legacy PLM or choosing a shiny, new one, we are here to offer independent consulting and expertise.

PLM Deployment Strategy

Deploying PLM is a complex task with lots of moving parts. Finocchiaro Consulting can help ensure that the infrastructure is adequate for the intended usage and that all other non-functional requirements (network, security, storage, etc) are taken into account whether on-premises or on cloud.


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PLM Cloud Strategy

Are you considering starting a PLM project on the cloud or moving a current on-premises PLM project to the cloud? Finocchiaro Consulting can help advise on the best practices as well as vendor selection according to your needs.


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PLM Architecture Audits

Are your users complaining about performance or outages of your on-premises PLM deployment? Finocchiaro Consulting is here to help look deeply into probable causes in looking holistically at your PLM deployment and make recommendations to getting your system running smoothly and improving your users’ experience with the system.


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PLM Competitive Studies

With over thirty years of PLM experience, Finoccchiaro Consulting has wide knowledge of the PLM market players. If you want a personalized study of the market in order to choose a vendor for your PLM deployment or you are a PLM vendor looking for an independent voice to realistically assess your positioning in the ever-changing PLM environment.


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Demystifying SaaS-based PLM :
Cloud and PLM in the Era of COVID

Cloud has been a hot topic in Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) for quite some time. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, this movement will accelerate as companies move forward their digital initiatives to minimize physical contact while increasing collaboration. This book will talk briefly about the history of PLM and cloud computing and attempt to dispel some myths about cloud that are commonly circulating. It will talk about today’s SaaS PLM platforms. I will then give some pros and cons of leveraging cloud technologies before giving you a list of self-assessment questions about the risks involved in moving your PLM to the cloud.

 Cloud and PLM in the Era of COVID