About Michael Finocchiaro

Michael Finocchiaro has over 25 Years of IT Experience with PLM :

  • From October 2017, CEO and Owner of TransformIT Consulting (Europe) and Finocchiaro Consulting (US/Canada)
  • From 2010-2017, Global 3DEXPERIENCE Architect at Dassault Systèmes working in R&D, ENOVIA Brand, and Pre-Sales in the specification, marketing, promotion, go-to-market, and training around 3DEXPERIENCE for the entire Dassault Systèmes ecosystem.
  • From 2008-2010, at IBM as Senior Global Architect for Dassault Systèmes nascent V6 architecture.
  • From 2006-2008, global senior architect for Windchill at PTC
  • From 1998-2006,at Hewlett-Packard as leading evangelist for the PTC Windchill PLM platform including multiple speaking engagements and the world’s first 5000-user benchmark of PTC Windchill.
  • Some customers Michael has worked with: GE, PWC, Foxconn, Nike, Naval Group, EDF, RATP, Samsung, Unilever, Airbus, Boeing, BNP Paribas, Valéo, MeyerWerft, AVL, Faurecia, Renault, PSA, Siemens Transportation, Toyota, QOROS, and many more.

What Michael can do for you:

  • Value discovery and investment justification for PLM including 3DEXPERIENCE and Windchill
  • Marketing strategy and website advice for maximal exposure in the PLM market as well as guest blogging
  • Implementation, deployment and security hardening strategy for 3DEXPERIENCE
  • Demystification via internal and external training and evangelization of PLM and in particular on 3DEXPERIENCE
  • Change management to ensure that the slideware you buy does not become shelf-ware that no one uses
  • Coaching is provided with on-site visits, web conferences, and conference calls as required.
  • Putting my vast network at your disposition.

Some References (sampling of the >75 recommendations on the LinkedIn profile)

  • Kip Speck of VIAS: “Michael's extensive knowledge and experience and skillsets are invaluable. Michael's communications skills both technical and business are very effective, he can present ideas and methods with very clear. Michaels passion and energy are contagious and he is a team builder.”
  • Klaus Freundl of Dassault Systèmes: “Knowing Michael for several years at Dassault Systèmes I can recommend him not only based on his profound deep knowledge around PLM but especially for his excellent understanding of complex technology in combination with his great communication skills.   The art of being an outstanding consultant is not only to listen actively and to have a deep knowledge about complex things. The real art is to make complex things simple and to explain them in a way that you can understand and use them and finally take decisions. Michael has got all these skills.”
  • Jennifer Cook of Dassault Systèmes: “Michael Finocchiaro is one of the most gifted people I have had the pleasure of working within Dassault Systemes. He understands the technology, the limitations, and has the courage to tell you the truth. He is a great teacher as he can explain even the most complicated topic in simple direct terms. He has a way of making you feel comfortable in any situation, thus helping you work through the problem. The thing I treasure most about Fino is his honesty. No matter the situation, he will tell you the truth and will not sugar coat it. This is a rare find in the world today. He is an exceptional, creative person with a good sense of humor.
  • Jonathan Gable of Adaptiv: “Michael is a passionate and extremely knowledgeable IT technologist. He has a deep understanding of all aspects of enterprise software and is able to effectively work with a customer's IT staff and SIs to promote the solution. Michael has a unique ability to pursue the deepest details of a solution and avoid areas that may cause problems.

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Sophie's Playlist (The Gramble Chronicles Book 1)

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Demystifying SaaS-based PLM :
Cloud and PLM in the Era of COVID

Cloud has been a hot topic in Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) for quite some time. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, this movement will accelerate as companies move forward their digital initiatives to minimize physical contact while increasing collaboration. This book will talk briefly about the history of PLM and cloud computing and attempt to dispel some myths about cloud that are commonly circulating. It will talk about today’s SaaS PLM platforms. I will then give some pros and cons of leveraging cloud technologies before giving you a list of self-assessment questions about the risks involved in moving your PLM to the cloud.

 Cloud and PLM in the Era of COVID