Do you have questions about PLM platforms, PLM and Cloud, or PLM after COVID ?

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Demystifying SaaS-based PLM :
Cloud and PLM in the Era of COVID

Cloud has been a hot topic in Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) for quite some time. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, this movement will accelerate as companies move forward their digital initiatives to minimize physical contact while increasing collaboration. This book will talk briefly about the history of PLM and cloud computing and attempt to dispel some myths about cloud that are commonly circulating. It will talk about today’s SaaS PLM platforms. I will then give some pros and cons of leveraging cloud technologies before giving you a list of self-assessment questions about the risks involved in moving your PLM to the cloud.

 Cloud and PLM in the Era of COVID

Do you have questions about PLM platforms, PLM and Cloud, or PLM after COVID ?

Episode 1 : Intro and History of PLM and PLM on Cloud


Episode 2 : Common PLM Cloud Questions and Misconceptions



Episode 3 : PLM Cloud Advantages and Vendor Analysis


Demystifying 3DEXPERIENCE Video Series



Demystifying 3DEXPERIENCE:
What is it?


Demystifying Customization of 3DEXPERIENCE (in less than 3 minutes !)

Interview with Oleg Shilovitsky of BeyondPLM

Interview with Oleg Shilovitsky of BeyondPLM

My attention was caught by a set of articles published by Michael Finocchiaro about 3DEXPERIENCE. I found this is a good opportunity to ask Michael some questions. He was kind enough to agree to make a video chat. Since Michael is in Paris and I’m in Boston, to have a video conversation was a hard thing to accomplish physically. So, I will publish my questions and video answers from Michael.


Q1: How did you come with the idea of “Demystifying 3DEXPERIENCE articles”?


Q2: So, it sounds like a bunch of technologies and acquisitions similar to other PLM products. Where is the experience? It sounds EXPERIENCE is just the name.


Q3: It sounds like EXPERIENCE was the answer on how to unified user interface (?) for all applications acquired for Dassault Systemes. And make it pretty and nice. Is it the story ?


Q4: I can hear 3 things – unified data model, integrated applications and user interface. Is it what makes 3DEXPERIENCE unique ?


Q5: I want to come back to your Amazon example. When you look at Amazon, you can see how Amazon created that environment that allows to multiple companies to sell their products. Where is the same (or similar) concept with 3DEXPERIENCE ?

3DEPERIENCE - What is my conclusion ?

What is my conclusion ?

Dassault Systemes 3DEXPERIENCE is an interesting piece of innovation taking on a very common set of challenges in beyond PLM world. Combining silos, introducing a common data model, unifying user experience. You can find these questions raised often in PLM discussion. DS clearly taking its own way. What I like with 3DX – unified user experience, industry approach. Complexity is the biggest challenge of 3DX in my view. My favorite part of innovation – market place. I hope to talk about it with Michael next time. Just my thoughts…